Spring wheat, 0,7 kg

Spring wheat  are one of the oldest and the most common crops on the globe. Since ancient times, wheat porridge was considered one of the main food - a symbol of wealth and abundance. Due to the presence of many nutrients, this porridge is one of the healthiest dishes, which was appreciated by our ancestors.

TM "Sto Pudov" is very nourishing, healthy and surprisingly tasty, even on water.


Пищевая ценность и калорийность на 100 г продукта:

  • The nutritional value , kcal
  • Energy value , кJ
  • Proteins, g
  • Fats, g
  • Carbohydrates, g

Bon Appetit!

Cooking method

Rinse one measure of wheat cereal with water, pour into a saucepan and add  three measures of water. Let it get boiled, add salt to taste and cook until it is ready for 20-30 minutes at a low heat.

Add butter to the porridge.