Millet "Dachka", 0,212 kg

Traditional cereals in a new convenient format, which ideally suits to summer and country holiday - this is a new line "Dachka" from the TM "Sto Pudov". The minimum weight and affordable price will make the "country" stock optimal, and the purchase of it is a pure delight))) Buy yourself a "Dacha" set from the TM "Sto Pudov" !!!


Пищевая ценность и калорийность на 100 г продукта:

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Bon Appetit!

Cooking method

Rinse one measure of millet with water and pour it with a boiling water (to remove bitterness), pour it into the pan, add two measures of water. Boil it. Add salt to taste. Cook on a low heat for 15-20 minutes.



Millet pudding

Dried apricots (optional)
Raisins (optional)
Salt (incomplete teaspoon) - 1 tsp.
Butter - 50-60 g
Baked milk - 1 l
Millet - 1 glass

First of all, rinse the millet from white bloom attentively and add hot water. Rinse also raisins, dried apricots and pour with water. Mix milk with sugar and salt. Drain water from millet, squeeze raisins, dried apricots out, chop everything finely, and mix with millet. Distribute this beautiful mass in a refractory form and gently pour in milk. Add butter chopped into pieces, to the top, directly on the milk lawyer. That might be the end of the main part of cooking. Put millet into the oven warmed up to 190 degrees for 1 hour and a half. If he quickly reddens, reduce the temperature by 10 degrees. When the millet pudding becomes brown and begins to lag behind the walls of the baking сup, turn the oven off and leave the millet in it for about 15 minutes.