Buckwheat cereals

Buckwheat groats are the most popular cereal on the Ukrainian table, the absolute champion in the content of a highly digestible vegetable protein (8-14 g), popularly called a mini-pharmacy. TM "Sto Pudov" offers the consumer various kinds of buckwheat groats:

  •     Buckwheat groats of strong roasting - differs with a rich buckwheat flavor
  •     Buckwheat groats - traditional cereals of medium roast
  •     Buckwheat groats are roasted - buckwheat, which does not undergo heat treatment and is suitable for germination.
  •     It is used in dietary food in various cooking options.
  •     The sale of buckwheat groats is crushed buckwheat in the process of processing. TM "Sto Pudov" offers a staple of fried and non-fried buckwheat groats