Flour from pumpkin seeds, 0,3 kg

Люди, желающие питаться как можно правильнее, изучают и вводят в свой рацион новые, ранее не опробованные продукты. Среди них в последнее время особо повышенный интерес вызывает мука тыквенная. Необычный оттенок, который она придает блюдам, оригинальный привкус – все это заставляет людей повнимательнее приглядеться к предлагаемому товару. - Читайте подробнее на FB.ru: http://fb.ru/article/229784/muka-tyikvennaya-polza-vred-svoystva-i-luchshie-retseptyi

     People who want to eat as correctly as possible study and include into their diet new, previously untested food. Among them, pumpkin flour has recently been of particular interest. It is gluten free flour!! Unusually, it provides meals with the original flavor - all this makes people take a closer look at the flour from such familiar and such useful pumpkin seeds !! Get involved in proper nutrition with the TM “Sto Pudiv” !!!



Bon Appetit!

Cooking method

There are two main reasons to use pumpkin flour in culinary:
1) thickener, flavoring and vitamin-protein supplement for cereals, salad dressings, first courses, gravy, sauces and jelly;
2) an enriching element for baking meals, applied in the ratio of 2 tablespoons per kilogram of wheat flour, in order to improve the taste, organoleptic properties and duration of storage.

Additionally, in combination with spices, pumpkin flour can be used for breading minced meat products. It is also can add the original taste of pumpkin seeds to dough products, food with nuts and dried fruits. It perfectly suit wheat flour, cereals, vegetables and sweets, might be served as a valuable ingredient for preparing main course, pancakes, fritters and desserts. The most popular are the following food: bread with pumpkin flour, halva and sweet bars with seeds or nuts.




Dumplings with pumpkin flour

Wheat flour - 1.5 cups
Pumpkin flour - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Butter - 50 g
Pumpkin seed oil - 10 ml
Chicken eggs - 2 pcs.
1 egg yolk
Salt to taste, greens


Mix a glass of water, oil from pumpkin seeds, two chicken eggs and one yolk of a chicken egg. Add salt. In a separate deep container, mix pumpkin and wheat flour thoroughly. Add the egg mixture to the flour and knead the dough. The dough should be elastic (if necessary, you can add more wheat flour). Divide the dough into two parts. Form sausages from it and cut them into small pieces. Dip dumplings in water and cook for 6-7 minutes. Put the finished dumplings on a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture. Fry dumplings in a pan with butter. Garnish with greens. Dumplings can be an independent dish, or added to the broth.