"Sto Pudov" - Groceries

“Sto Pudov” Trademark unites a huge variety of goods, necessary for everyone. The brand's strategy is to produce products, taking into account the needs of each category of consumers and the diverse living situations. At the same time, “StoPudov”TM always strives to develop a convenient and practical product, leaving the gustatory qualities of the product and the optimum pricing policies at the top.

As a result, the products of “StoPudov” TM are produced in lines that bear the ideological and target load for the consumer: cereals in traditional, economical, mini and premium product lines, food for healthy nutrition, convenience food, prepared baking mix, flour and starch, muesli and flakes, sets for the preparation of festive dishes, sets for the road, for cottage, survival food kit sets, as well as dairy and meat canned food, nuts and dried fruits, pasta, grocery group of commodities and other related products.