Borsch with beans, 0.215 kg

Undoubtedly, the best known Ukrainian dish is borsch. It is very delicious and olis with beans. Recipes for preparation and serving Ukrainian borsch are countless, but preparing borscht is not an easy task. A housewife who is handy in preparing delicious borsch wins the men’s hearts, and a man who knows how to cook borsch with beans - he even deserves being put on pedestal :) But how to cook a delicious borsch with beans when you don’t have a lot of time? The answer is simple - use Convenience food made by TM "Sto Pudiv" - BORSCH - a set of dried vegetables and spices in the right proportions and already in a HALF OF AN HOUR there will be a classic Ukrainian borsch with beans has served to your dinner. Try it, because life is too short to not to eat what you'd like to :)


Пищевая ценность и калорийность на 100 г продукта:

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Bon Appetit!

Cooking method

Pour the washed beans out 1.2-1.5 liters of cold water, get it boiled and cook until ready (about 50 minutes). Add a mixture of vegetables and spices from a sachet, 2 table spoons of vegetable oil and cook it for 10 minutes. Add tomato paste to taste (from half to one sachet) and cook at low heat until prepared (about 5 minutes). If necessary, you can add greenery and sour cream to the finished product


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